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Lindsay Heath

My business is built on my passion to help people in organisations be at their best.

I work with employers of all sizes to help them build a culture and the leadership and management capabilities which enable them in turn to develop capable, confident, employees.

Current research on employee engagement and motivation all points to the importance of two things – how good are the leadership team and how good is my relationship with my line manager? These are also the two most important factors in individuals’ decisions to stay with or leave organisations. So that’s where I focus my efforts!

I am able to deliver anything from a one off leadership team session or an individual coaching programme to a full culture change programme, depending on your needs.

So if you want to grow the people in your organisation and grow your business then get in touch and let’s talk…

About Lindsay Heath

I have over 20 years experience of developing people and teams in large businesses like Quaker, Cadbury and Kraftfoods in addition to working with much smaller organisations.

I have real experience of delivering culture change and capability development programmes that make a difference and stick!

I’m passionate about coaching and the whole concept of unlocking potential and have over ten year’s experience of coaching with individuals and teams.

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Simply Business Professional Indemnity Insurance

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