I provide one to one coaching to help individuals be at their best and achieve their goals more quickly and effectively.

I typically provide coaching for individuals in the following scenarios:

Through significant transitions:
- promotion to a new role
- return from maternity leave
- starting work with a new business
- during or following periods of major restructuring or change in an organisation.

To enhance performance:
- for high potential employees
- for underperforming employees
- to improve work life balance issues

To support changes in career direction:
- to help individuals get clarity on next career steps
- to support longer term career planning
- to support people leaving businesses

To encourage and embed learning:
- to develop new approaches and thinking
- to embed learning prior to and following training events.

......and a combination of all of the above!

All coaching is specific to the individuals needs and circumstances and a coaching contract will be agreed at the beginning of all new coaching relationships.

Lindsay Heath