Team Development

Lindsay Heath

My work with teams focuses on building team effectiveness through developing stronger working relationships, building better understanding of each others styles and ways of working, ensuring the team has a clear vision and purpose, developing capabilities and building effective ways of working.

All team development sessions are tailored to the needs of the specific team and I have a broad range of team activities which can be put together to meet most team development needs.

Team development workshops are typically focused in the following areas:

Myers Briggs Team Development workshops – building knowledge of each others styles and preferences and the overall teams areas of strength and potential blind spots. These workshops help build stronger working relationships and develop team effectiveness across a range of areas such as communication, influencing, decision making etc. Great for new and established teams.

Review of Team Strengths and Weaknesses against an established model of team effectiveness. Feeding back on areas of potential focus and action planning to close gaps.

Strengths Deployment Inventory – these workshops look at the values of individuals in the team and how that impacts on the way they prefer to work. This tool is great for building working relationships and is also helpful in resolving and understanding conflict in teams. Individuals are assigned colours based on their values and this becomes a great shared language for giving and receiving feedback in the team.

Ways of Working Sessions – these sessions are particularly helpful for teams that have been through significant restructuring or change. These sessions can focus in a number of areas from clarifying roles and accountabilities to agreeing effective ways of working together differently.